(...) The mud inside me will find its echo with the mud of others. An immense, howling river will appear. This wave, made out of dirt, will stain the space that is desperately kept immaculate. Facing the impossibility of intimacy. I'll be full of desire, never attainable because it will always be stopped by skin. But also identity, and the unintelligibility of another person. I will not stop at the perception I had of my desire preceding our meeting. (...)

A storm is a rare combination of circumstances that will drastically transform: a situation, inside and outside objects - turning loose debris into harmful projectiles. Over here was inside. And here was outside. Here was inside again. A storm is created when a center of low pressure develops in a system of high pressure - a radical approximation of two foreign bodies, a combination of opposing forces, infected by the exterior, carrying inner chaos.

includes contributions by

Jorik Amit Galama, Matthias Garcia, Ian Lewandowski, Jaakko Myyri, Xenia Perek, Agata Slowak, Eothen Stearn, Davide Stucchi, Bruno Zhu