i apologize is an independent and self-published publication exploring inadequacy, lies and morality. The zine was created in 2018 by Aurélien.

The title is a reference to Dennis Cooper's novel Try, in which the main character makes a zine called "i apologize".

To apologize equals to admit having done something wrong. It therefore reveals the limit that draws what is commonly perceived as right, or wrong. That limit constitutes the norm, that declares what is acceptable, or not.

To apologize is therefore acknowledging that limit, but not necessary agreeing to it. One could apologize, but not necessarily being actually sorry. There is a gap, of potential, in between the reality experienced within, and the reality that must be created outside. This act is closely linked that of the one of lying, of creating new realities.

The publication aims at creating a platform, researching inadequacy, paradoxes and resistance.


issue #1 - 24 pages - color print - 9€

issue #2 - 44 pages - color print - 11.5€

issue #3 - 44 pages - color print - 12€

i apologize is available at the bookshops Les Mots à la Bouche, Paris ; Rile Space, Brussels and Good Press, Glasgow


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